DuBarry was a lady

Staring Bruce Vilanch

2014, San Francisco CA

World Premier, 2014

Painting the clouds with sunshine

Do I hear a waltz?

Staring Emily Skinner

2014, San Francisco CA

Oh Kay!

Staring Teressa Foss 

​2010, San Francisco CA

"I was fortunate to have Hector as my production Manager for more than a year. When running a company, well understaffed, it was always a relief to know I wouldn't have to worry about our production budgets, because Hector was so diligent about keeping the creative team in, or on more occasions than not, under budget! Most importantly, the quality of work never diminished. It's rare, very rare, to find such a talented artist who can also act as a fiscally responsible administrator."  Ken Levin, Berkeley Playhouse.

Little Me

Staring Jason Graae

2013, San Francisco CA